Change them as needed or simply get aware of their default values. To run mpjg-streamer type the following command: The time of the movement was: Hi, Can you give me more informations about the software and version you are using? I have to create webcam server system that consist USB web camera, raspberry pi.

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I think if it would be possibile for you or tell us which OS and version you used where the cam worked it would be great to test again the cam with the old configuration. Thanks for posting this. The mini-http server llive to this port for requests creative live cam vista im vf0260 I also have an old Creative Labs webcam. Thanks for the info.

Il Museo My Town: Raspberry Pi will take a pictures every 30 seconds. Unable to get the live video stream on browser or on vlc.

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If you could try it again with the updated Vizta it would be very very helpful! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Active 1 fpm” –save home. It also provides a web interface to display the stream.

Raspberry Pi – Webcam streaming

I tried changing resolution, changing palette, changing output format — nothing helps. Although I can capture motions avi and jpg filesbut no live streaming.

Now everything should be set to proceed with the compilation process.

Here under is my configuration for that part default:. Adding this on my TODO list. I have tried three softwares for the webcam, which I previously tested on my desktop machine running Fedora and I wanted to try them also on the Pi. I have it working using a C webcam.

Unkown error Error opening device: Among what it can do, it is capable of motion creative live cam vista im vf0260, frame recording, video recording, timelapse. Thank you WebS, it worked! I have an old Creative Live! Hi, Excellent write up. Ciao Marco, Yes, I always used raspbian and just plugged the webcam straight into the pi.

The time of the movement was: Another streaming software that I tried was mjpeg-streamer, which is not as features complete as motion, but it is perfect if you just need a video stream. I have same error i: Works fine under Windows, but is not detected by the Pi. Hi, unfortunately it seems that since some updates to date, something got broken along the way.

I also downgraded libjpeg from v8 to v6.

Thanks for the feedback, I saw the video, very nice: Thank you for this article! I just tried it after more requests and vixta I get black frames as well.

The webcam is properly recognised and you can change parameters like contrast, brightness etc. The Pictures have been uploaded to your FTP account.